YouTube Cover Art Dimensions – Customize your YouTube channel

YouTube Cover Art Dimensions - Formats

Above: Lately I have been receiving a lot of requests from my subscribers asking me to design custom Youtube cover art for their channel, some have asked me for the exact dimensions (there has been some debate as to what the exact size actually is).

Instead I’ve decided to upload this article allowing you guys to create your very own art YouTube Cover Art using the template I have provide above/below.

Important points to remember:

- Cover must be smaller than 2MB in file size
– Cover dimensions must be larger than 2120 x 1192 pixels
– During design be aware of the crop area for the desktop format

The image below displays a birds eye view of what your image will look like once uploaded and cropped by Youtube. An image of 2560 X 1440 will be cropped in the below see fashion.

You Tube Cover Art Dimensions

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7 thoughts on “YouTube Cover Art Dimensions – Customize your YouTube channel

  1. Hi, I’m Warren. I’m glad that I read your post since I think it will help me. I use a program similar to Adobe Illustrator and has functions that are also similar to Microsoft Paint. Anyways, I’ve already added my YouTube cover art to my channel and made a few mistakes with sizing. Can you figure it out for me?
    Email me back and I’ll send you my cover art, if you want to fix it for me. No publishing my cover art to your websites, though.


      • Hi Zoe,

        My budget is £0.00p GBP Sterling, since my company is a British company that produces videos, movies, logos, blogs/websites, web designs and free fonts. I just need help with a mistake, that’s all.
        I’ll email you my YouTube cover art by email – my email address is xxx – and my website is xxx (custom made, still in development).


      • Unfortunately without a budget we cant help you.

        We have already provided the maths behind the template and have taken the time out of our day to post the correct dimensions and their use on our page.

        We run a business, and therefore we charge.

        If you change your mind we will be happy to assist.



  2. This is the size, i tried making it with 2560 x 224 and it said it was too small:
    Recommended channel art size: 2560 x 1440
    Max file size: 2 MB


    • Hi thanks for your comment. Yes as displayed in the article the minimum size is 2560X1440, the image in our article displays the crop sizes that Youtube automatically offers after you upload an image of their minimum required size, to help you understand where your image will be cropped.


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