3D design – Sculptris/Zbrush – Day 3

Sculptris - ZBrush - Worm 3D model

Sculptris - ZBrush worm 1

Sculptris - ZBrush worm 2

Sculptris - ZBrush worm 3

Sculptris - ZBrush worm 4

Above: Okay, its day 3 and Iv’e clocked in about +- 9 hours of Sculptris in total. Today I decided to create a worm/grub like creature, to see if I could really.

Thoughts on day one:

This is my first day using Sculptris/Zbrush, and my first time using any form of advanced 3D design software (with the exception of SketchUp) I have in the past experimented with Blender but could never get the overall look/finish I was looking for.

I though Id share my initial attempt at creating something of substance. I must say it is a heck of a lot of fun, This software shows an incredible amount of potential, the possibilities are seemingly endless!


5 thoughts on “3D design – Sculptris/Zbrush – Day 3”

    1. Heya, thanks for your comment.

      I’ve never really played Gears of War all the way through but, I too love the character models, nice and dark = just my kind of thing lol! 😉

      As for my model, sadly I have never finished the other half of his body, work has kept me so busy.

      1. I’ve not played it much myself but this just reminds me of the type of character models you see in the game. Work always gets in the way of the fun stuff :] hope you get to do more of this kind of stuff soon!

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