National Health Channel™ – Web design

National Health Channel™

Above: A snapshot of the new look National Health Channel™ website. (Subsequently moved, become/or sold) as the previous National Health Channel™ domain automatically redirects to

Also see National Health Channel™ Logo design and cap embroidery.

National Health Channel™


5 thoughts on “National Health Channel™ – Web design”

  1. Who may I ask is responsible for the shockingly poor grammar and sentence structure on this National Health Channel site???? Its pure self-congratulatory nonsense, stunning designs though what a shame.

  2. Well a web developer primarily deals with the back-end aspect of a websites, so the code and structure of the site from a technical side.

    A web designer primarily focuses on the front-end or aesthetic side of a website making sure the site looks the part in terms of layout and overall look and feel, however lately that line has become blurred, and employers are expecting designer’s to be code savy too.

    😐 LOL

    1. Heya! My favourite critic lol, thank you,I spent a week on this one, its not the most HTML friendly I will admit, but we need to get a developer in this office lol!!!!!

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