Who is Zoe

Visual Design Director & Contractor

Visual Design Director      •      Artist      •      Blogger      •      Music Producer      •      Gamer     •      Content Creator

Zoe’s Main focuses/influences

•      Quality
•      Meticulous attention to detail
•      Aesthetics
•      Functionality
•      Clean minimal design
•      Current technology/design trends
•      Swiss design  & International Typographic Style

Background in Creative Design

Zoe is a perfectionist, highly ambitious and absolutely passionate about art, digital art and the creative process associated with being a specialist visual designer. Her passion and love for creativity is reflected in her work, and through her adaptive visual style.

With over a decade experience in conceiving, conceptualizing and creating graphic/web/flash/motion/multimedia design, music production and sound design.

Zoe’s main focus has always been on the meticulous quality of her products and supplying highest quality design work possible.

Having studied art/design, along with her experience in business development, both running a Digital Design Studio in the CDB and working in commercial design/media/events coordinating/fashion/I.T and advertising business’s Zoe is a multidisciplinary designer, and is no stranger to the creative process, creative direction and the demand of dynamic, fastidious clients.

Zoe’s main objective is to elevate her creativity and improve her overall artistic ability through constantly challenging herself to experiment with new software’s and techniques.

Background in Music Production

Zoe is also a skilled sound and music producer.

Self taught, along with a close mentorship under her long time friend EmcFraktal, (Checkout EMC in action) Zoe has been producing music for over a decade and has always been fascinated with electronic genres of music like Drum N Bass, Electronica, Dubstep, Dance, and most other forms of EDM.

As well as music production, Zoe also has extensive experience in voice over work and sound design (film/animation).

Skill Sets

•      2 years formal and over 10 years industry experience
•      Graphic Design
•      Web Design
•      Interactive Design
•      UI Design
•      Corporate Identity
•      Logo Design
•      2D Animation
•      Illustration
•      Flash/Action Script
•      3D Model Design
•      Sound Production
•      Music Production
•      Music Mastering
•      Video Editing
•      Blogging/Writing
•      Light Scale SEO
•      Freehand Conceptual Art
•      Freehand Pencil & Ink Art
•      Visual Communication
•      Brand Development/Management
•      Skeuomorphic GUI design
•      Font Design/Creation TTF Format
•      Typography
•      Excellent Sales/Sales Management Skills
•      PC Technician/Maintenance

Software Proficiency


•      Inkscape
•      Gimp
•      Corel Draw
•      Corel Painter X3
•      Jasc Paintshop Pro
•      ICO FX
•      YOYO Game Maker Series/Studio


•      Pixologic Sculptris
•      Pixologic ZBrush
•      Autodesk 123D Design
•      Google Sketchup


•      Sony Vegas Pro 8/9/11/12/13
•      Corel Video Studio Pro
•      Adobe Flash/MX Flash
•      Camtasia Studio


•      FL Studio
•      Ableton Live
•      Audacity
•      Pro Tools
•      Nero Wave Editor


•      WYSIWYG Web Editor
•      Wordpress