BitX – UI and Web Design



Above: The original BitX website.

I was contracted by the team from BitX to supply them a visual design, UI and web design upgrade for their upcoming product, BitX (A crypto-currency distribution platform)

Shown below: is the new BitX website and UI design, staying true to the original concept but given a much needed visual upgrade. The client requested the site be formal, slightly conservative yet, still remain fun and fresh.

After fleshing out the clients needs and requirements we settled on a rendition of a modern flat look/feel. The main focus was to keep the site clean, sleek and as minimal as possible.

BitX New Website Design

BitX Login

BitX New Website Design

BitX New Website Design

BitX New Website Design

Above: Flat visual design elements to bring life and colour to the site.

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Flat Design Styles for 2014

Flat Icon Design – Apple iphone iOS 7

Flat Icon Design for iOS7 by Zoe Love

Above: Flat icon design for for iphone iOS 7.

I think most designers interpret “flat design” as devoid of gradient/depth/texture and colour, basically everything that brings life to a design. I couldn’t disagree more. The above design contains all the “apparent” no-no’s of flat design.

I believe that flat design offers a unique challenge as it requires even more attention to detail than standard (depth/3D) design. As a designer you need to maintain the essence of art while still keeping the integrity of clean, minimal design intact. There is a fine line between flat beautiful art and lifeless, cheap looking design.

To me the new look iOS 7 is disappointingly below average.