Flash animation

Donkey kong character design

Above: Donky kong character vectors (designed in Inkscape) shown in different stages of design.

Donky Kong pre-design in Flash

Above: Donky kong character vector in final stage of design.

Donkey kong character design

Above: Character redesign of Nintendo’s original 1981 game, Donky kong.



Logo and CID design

Vitacare logo

Above: Vitacare Pharmacies  logo design.

WISION® Media Groop logo

WISION Media Group - business card set

 Above: WISION® Media Group logo design.

NIPMAN™ logo

Above: NIPMAN™ logo design.

NIPMAN™ branding

Above: NIPMAN™ Product branding.

NHC logo form 2

Above: Monochromatic style NHC logo.

NHC logo (National Health Channel©)

Above: NHC colour logo (National Health Channel©)

Cap embroidery design NHC

Above: NHC Cap embroidery design.

Sell web logo

Above: Sell web logo: The client requested a logo that was text based with a strong graphic element. The colours were kept in check with the (black/orange/white) colour scheem, but other wise an open brief.

Airtime anywhere logo

Above: Airtime anywhere logo: No brief supplied.

Upcoming in this blog 2011

In this blog

PPC (Pay per click) and advertising content

PPC ad

Above: Online advertising in which the advertiser pays per click, ie, each times someone clicks the mouse on their ad and links to the landing page. It is important that designs be both eye catching and clear, ensuring users click on the target item.

Flash advert

Above: Flash advert created for internet marketing.

Successful internet marketing can be achieved with a good blend of eye catching graphics and a solid retail product, Ads like these follow strict graphic design guidelines in terms of image style, size and requirement criteria.