Highlights of 2012 – 2013

Highlights of 2012-2013

National Health Channel™ – Web design

National Health Channel™

Above: A snapshot of the new look National Health Channel™ website. (Subsequently moved, become/or sold) as the previous National Health Channel™ domain automatically redirects to www.metriplexpharmacymedia.com.

Also see National Health Channel™ Logo design and cap embroidery.

National Health Channel™

Ingran – Logo development

Ingran logo development

Above: Figure A: Original Ingran logo redesigned to the clients exact specifications. After losing the original vectors, the client requested a redesign of the original artwork, figure B: is my proposed developed artwork, subtle additions to add 3d depth as well as aesthetic improvements to add a gloss like finish the orb.

View the official Ingran website here: www.ingran.co.za

Ingran – Long term effective ICT Solutions.

XINX – Logo design and development

Proposed xinx logo

Above: Original artwork provided by the client, the proposed idea was then worked on and developed, to improve the aesthetic of the existing XINX concept.

XINX LOGO concept

Above: Developmental steps of the XINX logo design.


Above: Final product after development. The XINX brand now has an updated look and feel that is in keeping with its product, the logo has been updated to retain the original aesthetic, as not to alienate the fans.

View the official XINX website here: www.xinxmusic.com (No longer active)

xinx website