UBISOFT – Rainbow 6 Siege | Gator Weapon Skin by Zoe Love

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rainbow 6 siege Gator skin by Zoe Love

For the past few months I have been working with Ubisoft to develop in-game content for Rainbowsix Siege.

How was this achieved?

The skin was recognized by the team at Ubisoft after I had casually posted a design I created as part of a self motivated fan art exercise seen below:

The Brand Director at Ubisoft enjoyed the design so much that he reached out to me, and communications/work on this project began.

After the design process had been completed the developers from Ubisoft Montreal then incorporated the skin into the game.

The Gator by Zoe Love is available in-game for 1000 renown.

If you play Rainbowsix Siege go grab my new P90 Gator skin guys!

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