Netflix for Apple iphone/iOS

Netflix App - Zoe Love

Netflix App - Zoe Love

Netflix Wireframe - Zoe Love

Netflix App - Zoe Love Full

Netflix App - Zoe Love Full

Netflix App - Zoe Love Full

Netflix App - Zoe Love Full

Above: I was assigned and challenged by 4i Mobile Applications to create a practical application for use with the Apple iphone. The criteria was an app that by design needed to “solve a problem” or improve the users life (to a certain degree).

As a result I decided to address one of my favorite products of all time, Netflix. This example was an exercise to demonstrate, the understanding of UX and practical, functional design theory.

In this example I utilized a theoretical Netflix API to create a integrated app and browser remote, making it far easier to navigate browser based Netflix as well as offer a ton of additional features, predominantly “defined search criteria” as well as special category options, on the fly rating and browse by film star rating.

Mockups: The design required a few basic wire-frames (seen above) to ensure a smooth UX, which I created in Inkscape as part of my rapid wire-frame kit.

Polish: Aesthetically I decided to run with a modern flat UI, featuring a few subtle skeuomorphic elements, the design includes elegant long drop 5 o’ clock shadows to add some depth to the overall look and feel. The base of the control surface features a subtle matte “rubberized texture” look, to further enhance the overall skeuomorphic appearance.

I decided to stick with a flatter variation of the previously see red that was featured as part of Netflix’s previous corporate ID (before Netflix updated their CID mid 2014).


Everlytic – Online Application/CMS Dashboard Metro/Flat UI Design

Everlytic CMS Standard Login by Zoe Love

Everlytic CMS Metro Login by Zoe Love

Everlytic CMS Dashboard by Zoe Love

Everlytic CMS Dashboard 2 by Zoe Love

Everlytic CMS Profile Edit by Zoe Love

Everlytic CMS New Imports by Zoe Love

Above: Metro/flat UI design for Everlytic (here comes a mouthful) a mass email campaign and online marketing, CMS style, web based application. The design is influenced by fundamental layouts featured in CMS systems like WordPress and Squarespace

View website

Highlights of 2012 – 2013

Highlights of 2012-2013

National Health Channel™ – Web design

National Health Channel™

Above: A snapshot of the new look National Health Channel™ website. (Subsequently moved, become/or sold) as the previous National Health Channel™ domain automatically redirects to

Also see National Health Channel™ Logo design and cap embroidery.

National Health Channel™

XINX – Logo design and development

Proposed xinx logo

Above: Original artwork provided by the client, the proposed idea was then worked on and developed, to improve the aesthetic of the existing XINX concept.

XINX LOGO concept

Above: Developmental steps of the XINX logo design.


Above: Final product after development. The XINX brand now has an updated look and feel that is in keeping with its product, the logo has been updated to retain the original aesthetic, as not to alienate the fans.

View the official XINX website here: (No longer active)

xinx website

Upcoming in this blog 2011

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