Sculptris/Zbrush – 3D millipede model design

Sculptris - ZBrush - Centipede

ZBrush - Sculptris - 3D millipede model design

ZBrush - Sculptris - 3D millipede model design full


3D design – Sculptris/Zbrush – Day 3

Sculptris - ZBrush - Worm 3D model

Sculptris - ZBrush worm 1

Sculptris - ZBrush worm 2

Sculptris - ZBrush worm 3

Sculptris - ZBrush worm 4

Above: Okay, its day 3 and Iv’e clocked in about +- 9 hours of Sculptris in total. Today I decided to create a worm/grub like creature, to see if I could really.

Thoughts on day one:

This is my first day using Sculptris/Zbrush, and my first time using any form of advanced 3D design software (with the exception of SketchUp) I have in the past experimented with Blender but could never get the overall look/finish I was looking for.

I though Id share my initial attempt at creating something of substance. I must say it is a heck of a lot of fun, This software shows an incredible amount of potential, the possibilities are seemingly endless!