Pacman – (パックマン/Pakkuman) – Animated Gif

Pacman Animation

Just a simple, looping Animated Pacman GIF.


Sculptris/Zbrush – 3D millipede model design

Sculptris - ZBrush - Centipede

ZBrush - Sculptris - 3D millipede model design

ZBrush - Sculptris - 3D millipede model design full

Sculptris/Zbrush – Progress

zbrush-sculptris crab mix

zbrush-sculptris crab base

zbrush-sculptris crab 2

Above:I decided to create this crab like creature, with varied materials and texture to give it that hard exoskeleton look, more experimentation than anything else.

3D design – Sculptris/Zbrush – Day 5


Sculptris/Zbrush art


Above: 3D Alien design

Still familiarizing myself with the ZBrush interface. We (a friend and I) started off with polypainting basic material onto the mask, eyes, skin and body armour in order to achieve the textural effect we were after. This was followed by a few layers of basic RGB paint to blend all the components seamlessly and to create depth.

Yes keeping the components (tools) separate from each other would of been the more professional approach but again we are still exploring the vast amount of options and capabilities that ZBrush has to offer.

We had started off creating the basic model in Sculptris, on a Windows 8 based Mac Book Pro, then moved to the higher powered 27″ IMac using a Mac version of Sculptris needless to say Sculptris’s performance on any form of Mac is absouloutly shocking and is, quite frankly unusable. The program lags terribly and hangs causing the system to lock up, I’m not sure if the developers of Pixologic are aware of this issue but its something that needs to be addressed.