UBISOFT – Rainbow 6 Siege | Gator Weapon Skin by Zoe Love

View the full Ubisoft interview with Zoe Love here

rainbow 6 siege Gator skin by Zoe Love

For the past few months I have been working with Ubisoft to develop in-game content for Rainbowsix Siege.

How was this achieved?

The skin was recognized by the team at Ubisoft after I had casually posted a design I created as part of a self motivated fan art exercise seen below:

The Brand Director at Ubisoft enjoyed the design so much that he reached out to me, and communications/work on this project began.

After the design process had been completed the developers from Ubisoft Montreal then incorporated the skin into the game.

The Gator by Zoe Love is available in-game for 1000 renown.

If you play Rainbowsix Siege go grab my new P90 Gator skin guys!

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ZBrush/Sculptris – Custom Materials

ZBrush - Sculptris - Custom Materials

Above: So I spent some time creating a few epic 500 x 500 pixel materials that can be used in either ZBrush or Sculptris. I created the materials based on my need for more than just the stock standard materials supplied with both software’s.

For example you will find a lot of creature skin and organic materials, like human flesh, hulk skin, lizard and amphibian skin sets.

Among the more synthetic materials you will find, batman style matte amour, steel, metal, bronze, aluminium, foil and various plastics.

For interest sake I had tested Sculptris on, Windows XP, Windows 7, and the new Windows 8, and I have found no major problems other that the random spontaneous crashing, however when I tested Sculptris on the 27″ imac (using Mountain Lion), the performance was shockingly poor, with an Unbearably low frame rate which makes the application unusable.

It is clear that the creators of Sculptris have left it in is crude and unfinished alpha state intentionally, in order to try promote the sale of its bigger brother ZBrush,

Sculprtis - ZBrush - Custom materials

3D Model Design - by Zoe Love

I have supplied a FREE sample of one of the most popular materials I’ve been asked for lately, the Hulk skin! seen below, or See an example of the skins in use HERE

If you would like to purchase the complete set of 46 Materials, just drop me a mail.

Zoe - True Hulk 2 - Sculptris Material

Sculptris/Zbrush – 3D Alien Design

3D Alien Design - Sculptris - ZBrush - Zoe Love

Above: A quick mock-up for a four eyed alien, designed in Sculptris/Zbrush. I have no idea what I am going to do with my collection of monsters, but the hope is to one day have them feature in a video game or even a film.

Arachnid parasite – ZBrush & Sculptris

Arachnid parasite - ZBrush & Sculptris

Above: I’m not sure why, but I have an obsession with insects and bug like creatures. Seen here is a quick 3D mock-up of an arachnid like parasite created in Sculptris.